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 Alluring [Pauley Perrette]  Bodyguard [Caitlin Todd]  Crime and Family [NCIS]  Geek [Tim McGee]  LAPD Guy [Marty Deeks]  Like Family [NCIS: Gibbs, Kate, Tony, and McGee]  Mama Bear [Hetty Lange]  Miss Independent [Jenny Shepard]  No Second Date [Kensi Blye]  Partners [Gibbs and Jenny]  Past Unsure [G. Callen]  Queen of the Lab [Abby Sciuto]  Sealed [NCIS Ep 02.22 - SWAK]  Spectacular [Sasha Alexander]  Sweet Temptation [Kate Todd and Tony DiNozzo]  The Beginning [NCIS Ep 1.01 Yankee White]  Undercover Allies [Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks]  Until the Last Minute [NCIS 9x24 Till Death Do Us Part]  Weird World [Abby and McGee] 

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