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Season 2 Episode 7 - Call of Silence

Cpl Ernie Yost shows up at NCIS HQ to turn himself in for killing his best friend during WWII. Gibbs and his team question him as to when and why, but Ernie can't remember. Gibbs believes that Ernie is suffering from survivor's guilt and the team is forced to investigate. The gun Ernie said he used to kill Cpl. Wade Kean matches the head wound. Believing that there is more to what happened, Gibbs refuses to turn Ernie over to J.A.G. and has DiNozzo watch him while the team investigates more.

Gibbs brings in a Japanese soldier now living in the US to help solve the case. The team makes Ernie flashback to the battle and they discover that the reason Ernie killed Kean was to quiet him during a battle. Kean had stepped on a mine and blown both of his legs off. The enemy Japanese were passing by them and Kean was making too much noise. If Ernie hadn't done what he did, him and the rest of the men with him would have been discovered and killed.

This new information saves Ernie from prison.