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 Blood and Flowers [Drusilla]  Coffee Break [BtVS 2.05 - Reptile Boy]  Darkness [Spike, Angel, and Dru]  Easy as Really Difficult Pie [BtVS S04.20: Yoko Factor]  Fire Bad... Tree Pretty [Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3]  Fire Burn andCauldron Bubble [BtVS Ep 01.03 - Witch]  Get Over It [BtVS Ep: When She Was Bad]  Just Like Old Times [Buffy Cast]  Lottery Lucky [Buffy Summers and Riley Finn]  Mind-Blowing Match [David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar]  New Moon Rising [BtVS Episode: New Moon Rising]  On the Run [BtVS Episode: Spiral]  Ritual Sacrifice... With Pie! [BtVS Ep: Pangs]  Something Eggly [BtVS - 2.12 Bad Eggs]  Source of Knowledge [Magic Box]  Staying Forever [BtVS Ep: Forever]  Stoic [Oz]  The Heart [Xander Harris]  This Year's Girl [Faith Lehane]  True Lifelines [Buffy and Angel Fanfiction]  Warm [The Summers' Home] 

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