About SangLoupmon

Number: 120
Level: Adult/Champion
Name Meaning: Blood Wolf Monster
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Beast
Family: Dark Area
Evo Line: Tsunomon > Dracmon > SangLoupmon > Matadormon > GranDracmon

Abilities: Sangloupmon can turn himself into disassembled data packets to move great distances by sheer force of will.

Razor Claws: Scratch an enemy with sharp claws.
Dark Charm: Attacks with a ball of Darkness, causes occasional death.
Thunder Ball: Sends bolts of lightning at an enemy.
Sticker Blade: Hurls thousands of tiny blades.
Black Mind: Disassembles his own data to melt into his opponent's shadow.

Description: A noble vampire wolf Digimon. A very old species said to date from the beginning of the Digital World. When it sucks blood from a Digimon, its digicore data is removed, killing it.

How to get: SangLoupmon is in the Digimon game, Digimon Story/Digimon World DS for Nintendo DS. He is easiest to get by starting the game with Tsunomon. You have to evolve Tsunomon into Gaomon or Gabumon first because Tsunomon's level cap is 11. Once you can degenerate, degenerate whoever you evolved him into back into Tsunomon. From there evolve to Dracmon at level 12 and evolve Dracmon into SangLoupmon once he hits level 22.

His Evolution Tree: No Digimon has a perfectly set evolutionary line. SangLoupmon has multiple evolutionary lines. His evo line given above is his evolution in the DS game (minus GranDracmon). So here are his alternate evolutions given by level:

Baby: Zurumon
Baby II/In-Training: Pagumon
Child/Rookie: Dorumon, Gazimon, Penguinmon, Hagurumon, or Phascomon
Perfect/Ultimate: ???
Ultimate/Mega: ???

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