The 2nd Top Secret Organization:

Digital Accident Tactics Squad:
They are different from the Hypnos secret organization. Since they don't intend to kill all digimon.

They seem to want a future where humans and digimon live in harmony.

In the end:
In the end, DATS is blown up by Kurata and no longer exists.


Within the Building:

Name: Partner: Job:
Satsuma Retarou Kudamon Captain
Suguru Daimon Partner Unknown not a member, but one of the reasons DATS was created
Hiroshi Yushima Kamemon Chief
Megumi Shirakawa PawnChessmon Computer operator
Miki Kurokawa PawnChessmon Computer operator

Field Team/Agents:

Name: Partner: Job:
Masaru Daimon Agumon Field Team Leader
Touma H. Norushutein Gaomon Field Team tech expert
Yoshino Fujieda Raramon Field Team transportation expert (she seems to be able to drive anything)

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