Episode 01

Original Title: I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Attacks!
Dub Title: N/A

Yoshino goes after Agumon and finds a group of people who were attacked by him. She arrives just in time to see Agumon fighting a gang member named Masaru. Agumon and Masaru tire each other out and Agumon becomes his follower. Yoshino then tries to take Agumon but Masaru grabs him and they try to escape but Raramon attacks them and Agumon attacks back and they manage to escape. Masaru goes to the store to buy Agumon food after he had tried to eat him. Masaru runs into Yoshino, who knows everything about him. Yoshino tells him that she is a member of DATS and that she was sent to get Agumon and she asks him for Agumon's location, but Masaru refuses to tell her where Agumon is. She then tells him that Digimon eat special food and only DATS has it, without, Agumon would die. Masaru, worried about his new friend, asks her to take him to DATS HQ. Masaru meets Captain Satsuma and his Digimon partner, Kudamon. Satsuma explains that Digimon are appearing faster in the Real World and Agumon can't walk free. Masaru tries to make a deal with Satsuma, saying that if Agumon gets out of control, he'll take full responsibility. A Digimon starts attacking a hamburger store and Satsuma and Yoshino think it's Agumon. Masaru knows better though and rushes out. Agumon didn't listen to him and left the area he had told him to stay. Masaru rushes out to stop the attacking Digimon who he now thinks is Agumon. But the Digimon is really Cockatorimon. Agumon and Masaru fight Cockatorimon together but Agumon gets the direct force of his attack. Agumon isn't responding to Masaru and he gets angry. Masaru tries to attack the giant chicken and after he punches it, a bunch of data appears around his hand. An old man then appears and throws a Digivice to Masaru. He informs him about what the data around his hand is, a DigiSoul. Masaru uses it to get Agumon to digivolve into GeoGreymon. Impressed by Masaru and Agumon's teamwork, Satsuma wants Masaru to become a part of DATS. Yoshino still won't let Agumon off the hook. Saying that he attacked 13 men. Masaru informs her that it was actually him that knocked them all out.

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