Episode 02

Original Title: Burn, DigiSoul of Anger! The One Who Lurks in the Darkness, Flymon!
Dub Title: N/A

Masaru tries to hide Agumon but Masaru's mom and little sister, Chika, discover him. Oddly though, they accept him quickly. No matter how had Masaru protests, Yoshino comes to stay at his house in order to keep her eye on Agumon. Masaru goes by Chika's school the next morning and finds out that a Digimon attacked the animals in the pen. Takashi, a friend of Chika's, was responsible for them at the time. Masaru uses Agumon as bait to lure out the attacker. Takashi shows up and a Kunemon appears behind him. Masaru can't get Agumon out so Yoshino has Raramon digivolve into Sunflowmon, but Kunemon digivolves into Flymon and knocks out Sunflowmon. Masaru activates the DigiSoul and digivolves Agumon into GeoGreymon, who kills Flymon. Masaru then joins DATS.

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