Episode 03

Original Title: Genius Touma Returns! Beat Meramon
Dub Title: N/A

A rich guy named Touma returns to DATS HQ and immediately, he and Masaru don't like each other. Touma says that he is useless and Masaru tries to punch him, but Touma blocks with ease. They have a boxing match and Touma beats Masaru. But Masaru won't leave it at that, as Touma is leaving the ring Masaru attacks him. The match ends in a draw. Touma and Yoshino are sent to eliminate the PetitMeramon that got had through and Masaru finds some that Touma missed. Because the PetitMeramon are too light, Masaru can't hit them to get the Digi Soul. He has Agumon use Baby Burner to get the PetitMeramon to merge and evolve, they do and Masaru activates the Digi Soul, Agumon evolves into GeoGreymon and kills Meramon.

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