Episode 04

Original Title: New Team's First Outing! Chase Drimogemon!
Dub Title: N/A

Satsuma has Masaru and Touma partnered up, and neither of them is happy about it. Two robbers are trying to rob a bank when the door slams shut behind them, locking them in. A Drimogemon appears and works with them to escape. Masaru, Touma, Yoshino, and their Digimon partners try to take the Drimogemon but it gets enraged and grows. Touma decides to get it over the water so that it can't dig to escape. Masaru messes up his plan though and Drimogemon escapes. Gaogamon attacks but GeoGreymon cancels out his attack when they collide. The point where the attacks canceled opened a hole to the Digital World. Drimogemon escapes through the portal.

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