Episode 06

Original Title: Masaru-Agumon Combination Destroyed?! Hurricane Garurumon
Dub Title: N/A

Masaru tells Agumon that he can't evolve without him, hurting Agumon's pride. Agumon then goes inside the IC and won't come out. All the DATS members try to get Agumon to come out but he won't. Masaru goes after Elecmon, thinking he'd be able to beat it without Agumon. Elecmon digivolves into Garurumon and Masaru tries to beat him, but Garurumon just smacks him around all over the place. When Masaru is pressed up against the wall while fighting the jaws of the large black wolf, he calls for Agumon. Agumon attacks Garurumon, forcing him away from Masaru, saving his life. Agumon evolves and kills Garurumon.

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