Episode 08

Original Title: Yoshino Gets Tama no Koshi?! Chrysalimon's Shadow!
Dub Title: N/A

Masaru is in a restaurant when he sees Yoshino run by with reporters chasing her. He doesn't realize that it was her until he looks up at the TV and sees her face. When Yoshino returns to DATS HQ she is attacked by Miki and Megumi who ask her questions about her dating Neon, the singer she had been seen with on TV. Satsuma tells them that Yoshino is working undercover to see if he is using a Digimon to get famous. Yoshino tells them that her and Neon were old friends and that was why Satsuma had chosen her. Later they find out that Neon was using a Keramon to get his music on various media. A news reporter takes pictures and just as Keramon evolves into Chrysalimon. GeoGreymon defeats Chrysalimon. Yoshino erases the reporter and Neon's memories.

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