Episode 10

Original Title: Masaru's Worst Day Ever! Prankster Soulmon!
Dub Title: N/A

Masaru, Agumon, and Chika go to Touma's house to eat. Chika is nervous and doesn't really know how to act in the mansion. At dinner Agumon starts choking on something and drinks the water from a bowl with lemons in it. Chika watches and then goes to drink out of her bowl when Gaomon stops her, saying that it's to stick your fingers into. Chika, already nervous enough and feeling embarrassed, she starts to cry. Masaru takes his bowl and drinks from it to make Chika feel better. But Chika thinks that he's making fun of her and wishes for him to have bad luck and runs out. Soulmon hears what she said and follows after her with Masaru. As they run after Chika, Agumon sees Soulmon behind Masaru. Soulmon then drops a peel and Masaru and Agumon trip on it. Agumon sees Soulmon near Masaru's face and tries to punch it, but he ends up punching Masaru instead. Masaru and Touma then go looking for Chika and more bad things happen to Masaru. Soulmon takes over a ship and plans on ramming it into DATS HQ to get to Masaru. Masaru, worried about the safety of his friends, decides to go where the tanker would hit him instead of the building. Agumon tells Chika what's going on and she doesn't believe him until she sees Masaru running towards the dock. She rushes toward the dock too to stop him but Touma stops her, saying that Masaru will be ok. After Soulmon is killed, Touma talks with Satsuma about how Digimon are bonding with humans.

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