Episode 11

Original Title: Bring Back the Bond between Parent and Child! Evilmon's Bewitchment!
Dub Title: N/A

Touma and Gaomon go to America to find out if his theory about Digimon being affected by human emotions is correct. Agumon eats some sweets that belonged to Miki and Megumi and they send Masaru out to get more. When he reaches the store, he finds the owner about to get beaten up by the businessman's bodyguard. Masaru stops him and chases them away. Koichiro, the owner's son who is a classmate of Masaru's comes running up. Koichiro tells Masaru that his dad had borrowed money from the man he had seen earlier. He also had lost interest in making Manjuu (the sweets Masaru was sent to buy). Koichiro's dad thinks that Evilmon (pretending to be a statue) is the "God of Good Fortune," and starts winning at the racetrack due to three PicoDevimon sent on Evilmon's order. Masaru gets Koichiro to take him to where his dad has the statue. Evilmon shows himself and Agumon evolves. GeoGreymon kills Evilmon and the PicoDevimon. Touma returns with information that shocks Satsuma and the others.

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