Episode 12

Original Title: I Will Protect Chika! Piyomon's Resolve!
Dub Title: N/A

Touma says that each Digimon appearing in the real world has been affected by one of the seven deadly sins: greed, lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, wrath, or pride. Sayuri and Chika find a digitama and later on it hatches into Puwamon. Chika becomes very attached to him, making Agumon a little jealous. Later on that night, something scares Puwamon and he hides under Chika's bed. They seem to think that he is afraid of Agumon so Touma and Gaomon drag him out of the room. Masaru and Chika try to get Puwamon to come out when Falcomon attacks. Seeing Chika scared, Puwamon digivolves into Piyomon. One of the DATS scientists locks Piyomon in a cage and tries to run some tests on Chika, from orders from Satsuma who wants to see if Chika has a DigiSoul. Masaru rushes in to help her. Sayuri goes to talk to Satsuma about not making Chika a member of DATS, saying that she had lost her husband and son and doesn't want to lose another family member to Digimon. Chika and Piyomon are worried and Masaru walks in. Not wanting Chika to become a DATS member, he plans to turn Piyomon back into a digitama. They go outside and Masaru attacks Piyomon. Suddenly Falcomon appears and shoots shuricans at Chika but Piyomon pushes her out of the way in time. Falcomon is too quick for Masaru to punch, so Piyomon offers to help. Masaru gets on his back and he flies up to Falcomon and Masaru punches him to the ground. Mercurimon then comes to aid Falcomon. Masaru rushes in to attack.

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