Episode 13

Original Title: A New Power Emerges. Evolve! RiseGreymon!!
Dub Title: N/A

Masaru isn't able to get close enough to Mercurimon to punch him. The Digimon partners are easily beaten and de-digivolve. Piyomon tries and gets turned into a digitama. Mercurimon, now back in the digital world, can't keep the egg from hatching because of Piyomon's determination to be with Chika. Mercurimon tries to force Piyomon to forget about her but he evolves into Aquilamon and heads back to the real world. Aquilamon starts causing damage and Masaru, Touma, and Yoshino head out to stop him. Chika knows it's Piyomon and rushes off to get to him. Masaru manages to punch Aquilamon and Agumon evolves. Aquilamon also evolves, becoming Garudamon. Chika shows up and tries to get him to stop fighting and turn back into Piyomon. Garudamon still remembers Chika, but doesn't realize that she's right in front of him and attacks out of confusion. Masaru shields her while GeoGreymon tries to hold back the attack. The force of Garudamon's attack is too much for GeoGreymon and he disappears into the darkness. Masaru manages to call a stronger DigiSoul and GeoGreymon evolves into RiseGreymon who easily kills Garudamon. Chika wakes up and asks where her Digimon is, Masaru holds up the digitama. Chika cries over the digitama, making Masaru feel bad. Back at DATS HQ, Satsuma tells Masaru that he has some information on his father.

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