Episode 16

Original Title: Falcomon is a Friend?! Rage! Blossomon
Dub Title: N/A

A virus has infected Yoshino and the others try to find a way to help. Ikuto sneaks into the cave to hurt her and Falcomon attacks Raramon. Masaru and Touma come in and Ikuto is ready to attack them when Yoshino grabs his arm. She accidentally passes on the virus and Falcomon takes Ikuto away. He later returns to offer help in order to save Ikuto. They head to a mansion where they could get a vaccine and run into Blossomon. Masaru sends Falcomon, with the vaccine back to Yoshino and Ikuto, which shocks Falcomon. After Blossomon is killed, they return to the cave where Yoshino is feeling better and Ikuto and Falcomon where already gone.

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