Episode 18

Original Title: DATS Team Annihilated!? Clash, Mercurimon
Dub Title: N/A

The tamers find Hiroshi and Masaru tells the others that he was the one who gave him his Digivice. Ikuto returns to Mercurimon, but it seems like he doubts Mercurimon is telling him everything. Back with the tamers, a Kuramon is following them and Hiroshi sends it away. But more attacks them. The one sent away goes and informs Gotsumon of the Tamers. Gotsumon runs to Mercurimon to tell him and Ikuto runs off. Ikuto and Falcomon appear and attack the tamers and Hiroshi seems to know something about him. Gotsumon shows up and starts making the area cave in, Ikuto doesn't understand why and then the ground gives away, taking Ikuto and Masaru down with it. But Masaru manages to grab onto the side of cliff and catches Ikuto too. Gotsumon has Hiroshi by the neck and threatens to kill him. Yoshino and Touma drop their digivices like Gotsumon asks. When Masaru and Ikuto get back up, Masaru finds the digivices, but Yoshino and Touma are gone. Gotsumon had taken the tamers to Mercurimon. Ikuto starts fighting with Masaru, and it seems like he's blaming him for Yukidarumon's death. Masaru and Agumon make it in time to get the digivices back to Yoshino and Touma. The three Digimon evolve to their perfect levels and combine their most powerful attacks. Mercurimon is forced back and goes through the wall. But he appears again, unharmed. He then takes all the perfects down in one shot. Hiroshi then steps in, sending out Kamemon, and then evolving him to Gawappamon. Hiroshi, knowing he has no chance to beat Mercurimon, forces Masaru and the others to retreat while there's still time. Masaru takes Ikuto back with them through the portal where Satsuma is waiting for them. However, Hiroshi and Gawappamon were left to fight Mercurimon alone.

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