Episode 19

Original Title: The Target is Ikuto!? Gotsumon's Plot
Dub Title: N/A

Both Ikuto and Masaru want to get back to the Digital World but Satsuma won't allow them to. Ikuto and Masaru start messing with the digital dive and it looks like they break it. Satsuma explains about what happened back when the old team went to the Digital World and about how Ikuto got sent there. They manage to finally get Ikuto into the car and as they drive, Ikuto is amazed at everything, then, he gets carsick. Three Okuwamon breaks through into the Real World, along with Gotsumon. Lilamon helps Masaru get high enough to punch one of the Okuwamon so Agumon can evolve to RiseGreymon. Gotsumon and one of the Okuwamon go to attack Ikuto when Falcomon rushes in to defend him. Masaru manages to get Ikuto out of the way of Okuwamon's attack and then Lilamon kills one of the Okuwamon and RiseGreymon kills another, leaving only the one Okuwamon that Gotsumon is riding on. Gotsumon says something to Ikuto and takes off, leaving Ikuto upset and crying.

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