Episode 20

Original Title: Save Mother, Ikuto. Hagurumon's Cage
Dub Title: N/A

Masaru and Yoshino take Ikuto to his house where he sees his mother and runs away. As Masaru and Yoshino run after him a man on a motorcycle almost hits Ikuto, but the man stops in time. Agumon and Masaru however, plow into the man. Yoshino runs on ahead to catch Ikuto. Masaru finds out that the man is Ikuto's dad and he tells them how Ikuto got pulled into the digital world. He then begs them to bring Ikuto home. Ikuto refuses to believe that the woman is his mother. All the time in the digital world, the one he always thought of as his mother was Yukidarumon. Ikuto's parents try the gate again, but a Hagurumon comes through. It takes control of Ikuto's toy robot and merges it with the house and traps Ikuto's mom inside. Ikuto's dad tells them what happened and Masaru, Yoshino, and Ikuto follow Hagurumon. Hagurumon keeps saying "mama" and Ikuto saves Misusu, his mother, and RiseGreymon finishes Hagurumon off. Chief Hashiba comes and attempts to arrest Misusu. Masaru and Yoshino try to stop them and Ikuto says something about the digital gate and chief Hashiba realizes he is Ikuto. Falcomon and Ikuto disappear and the men leave to track him down. Back in the digital world, Saberleomon approaches Mercurimon.

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