Episode 22

Original Title: Defeat an Ultimate! Surging SaberLeomon
Dub Title: N/A

Kurata suddenly shows up in DATS HQ, soon followed by chief Hashiba. Ikuto doesn't want to stay in DATS anymore so Masaru takes him to his place. Falcomon hides under a box so Chika doesn't see him. But she lifts the box and sees him. She then throws them both into the tub, not exactly the reaction Falcomon was expecting. While Masaru, Ikuto, Agumon, and Falcomon goof off, back in the Digital World, SaberLeomon talks to Gotsumon about all the innocent Digimon lost because of the humans. In the morning, Ikuto mistakes Sayuri for Yukidarumon. He then starts running away but bumps into Masaru. He tries to hold onto Ikuto when he gets a message that a Digimon has appeared, it's SaberLeomon. While they wait for Masaru and Agumon, MachGaogamon and Lilamon try to fight SaberLeomon, but are no match for him. Agumon appears and evolves into RiseGreymon. But the three perfects are still no match for him and then Ikuto shows up and orders SaberLeomon to stop. He then attacks Ikuto but Falcomon saves him in time. A machine Digimon shows up and shoots SaberLeomon, severely weakening him. Masaru then attacks and shatters one of SaberLeomon's huge fangs. Masaru's actions seem to give RiseGreymon more power and he kills SaberLeomon. But then the digitama dissolves, shocking everyone. Kurata appears and says something to Touma.

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