Episode 23

Original Title: Again in the Digital World. Insekimon's Rage
Dub Title: N/A

A group of soldiers come into DATS HQ, followed by Kurata. He explains that they are going to the Digital World try and end things peacefully with Mercurimon. As Masaru heads for the digital dive Touma tells him to stop. He then says something to Kurata. Touma doesn't seem to trust Kurata. Later at home, Masaru talks about what's going on, and it upsets Ikuto. The next day, The tamers, Kurata, and the soldiers arrive in the Digital World. Gotsumon appears and sends Zudomon to attack them. Masaru and Agumon try to attack but Zudomon counters, sending them flying back. Kurata and the soldiers hide while MachGaomon and Lilamon fight and kill Zudomon. Gotsumon then evolves into Insekimon. Insekimon is too fast for them though, even RiseGreymon is having trouble. But then RiseGreymon gets a hold of him, allowing MachGaogamon and Lilamon to attack him. Insekimon reappears unharmed and attacks. But before he can fully release his attack, RiseGreymon attacks and kills him. Ikuto and Falcomon arrive at DATS and ask Satsuma to send them to the digital world. Masaru is about to attack Mercurimon when Ikuto yells at them to stop.

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