Episode 25

Original Title: Kurata's Ambition is Smashed! Yatagaramon takes Flight!
Dub Title: N/A

Mercurimon falls to the ground and Ikuto & Falcomon rush to help him, Kurata tells them it's pointless. He then reveals his goal, Digimon genocide. The Savers try to reason with him, telling him humans and Digimon can coexist but Kurata disagrees with them. Masaru rushes in to attack but the Gizmon:AT stops him. Masaru punches it to summon his DigiSoul and Agumon evolves to RiseGreymon but Gizmon:AT is too powerful and sends RiseGreymon flying. MachGaogamon & Lilamon join the fight and can't handle the Gizmon either. Lilamon tries to bewitch it but it has no effect. Kurata says that Gizmon:AT has been modified so that it doesn't have a heart. He then goes on to say that Digimon are only good when they can be used as tools with no emotions. He offers the Savers a chance to save their Digimon by joining up with him in his plans for genocide. Mercurimon tells Ikuto that the only place Ikuto belongs is a world where Digimon & humans live together. Gizmon:AT evolves into Gizmon:XT, a perfect level digimon. The Savers' perfect level digimon combine their attacks and hit Gizmon:XT directly, but their attacks still have no effect. Mercurimon tells Ikuto not to hate humans and that he should live as a human with a digimon's heart. He then goes to save the savers by attacking the Gizmon:XT. As he gets his hit in so does the Gizmon:XT, Mercurimon loses his arm, and Masaru asks him why he protected them. Mercurimon says that he wants to believe in what Suguru said, that there should be a world where humans and Digimon live together in peace. The Gizmon:XT suddenly rises up and shoots Mercurimon through the chest, killing him. Ikuto and Falcomon charge Gizmon:XT and Falcomon evolves to his perfect form, Yatagaramon. Yatagaramon takes the Gizmon:XT down with little effort, forcing Kurata to retreat.

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