Episode 26

Original Title: Masaru's Memory Elimination - The Bond Which is Lost!
Dub Title: N/A

The savers arrive back at DATS HQ to find it empty except for a group of men, Hashiba, and Kurata, who tells them that DATS is no more and that Satsuma was arrested for national treason. Ikuto tries to attack Kurata but some of the men tackle him to the ground, Falcomon tries to help his partner only to be held down by more of the ministries' men. One by one the Saver's memories are erased. Masaru wakes up on a park bench, confused about why he's there. Inside DATS HQ, the partner Digimon are held in a sound proof room. Kudamon talks with the other Digimon while Agumon and Falcomon attempt to break out, but the room's walls are too strong. Falcomon, confused, starts asking how humans can protect Digimon and then turn on them so suddenly. Kudamon explains to him that DATS was formed to stop the Digimon that get through and that they never intended to harm the Digimon in the Digital World. He goes on to say that Him and Satsuma suspected that Kurata would turn on them in the end. Gaomon goes on to say how they've lost their reason to fight. Meanwhile, Masaru, Touma, and Yoshino go about their normal lives unaware of their Digimon, except for a few headaches caused by a few short memories brought on by news reports of attacks on the city. Back at DATS, the Digimon's spirits are low until Agumon says that it doesn't matter that Masaru was forced to quit DATS and that the organization no longer exists, Masaru still needs him and that he couldn't completely forget about him. Gaomon and Raramon talk about the bonds they have with their partners and agree with Agumon that they couldn't completely forget about them because their bonds are too strong. Kudamon then reminds them that if they break out they will be considered traitors. The Digimon think a moment on that, knowing they will be targeted immediately for annihilation. However Agumon breaks the silence, saying that doing what's right even while putting one's life on the line is what being a man is. Gaomon and Raramon say they knew he'd say something like that. Kudamon asks them if they are willing to deal with the consequences, after they all agree Agumon uses his flame to try and burn down the walls. Three of the guards rush to the containment room when Raramon puts them all asleep. Kudamon orders the other Digimon to find their partners while he searches for Satsuma. Falcomon and the PawnChessmon find Miki, Megumi, and Ikuto whose memories weren't erased and free them. Kudamon tells them to get out of the building and rushes off. Ikuto doesn't listen and heads off to find Kurata. He manages to find him and Falcomon evolves to Yatagaramon and attacks, however, three Digimon block the attack and take down Yatagaramon, forcing him to de-digivolve back into Falcomon. Miki and Megumi grab Ikuto and Falcomon and go to escape. Masaru is eating dinner when Agumon comes in, scaring Masaru, Chika, and Sayuri. Agumon approaches Masaru and Masaru tells him to stop calling him "aniki" because he'd never let just anyone call him that. Agumon continues trying to get him to remember when Masaru pushes him into the wall. Agumon takes Masaru to the place they first met. Masaru still isn't remembering and Agumon starts to cry and says, "Aniki you IDIOT!" as he punches him hard to the ground. Agumon rushes to Masaru's side and apologizes for hitting him, when Masaru calls him Agumon, showing that the punch gave him back his memories. A Gizmon attacks them but Lilamon and MachGaogamon cancel out the Gizmon's attack. The Gizmon comes in for a closer attack and Masaru punches it. Together RiseGreymon, Lilamon, and MachGaogamon destroy the Gizmon. They then rush back to DATS HQ only to be stopped by Ikuto and the others fleeing, seconds later the DATS building explodes.

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