Episode 27

Original Title: Chase Kurata - The Operation of Digimon Extermination Begins!
Dub Title: N/A

After DATS explodes, Kurata walks out and tells them that everything DATS worked for is gone. Masaru rushes at Kurata to punch him but Kurata rises up on a Gizmon before Masaru gets to him. Kurata uses the time oscillation bomb to open a portal and disappears into the Digital World. Everyone goes to Masaru's house to discuss their next move. They know that Kurata has more than likely already begun slaughtering Digimon and the Digital Dive that was in DATS was destroyed, leaving the savers with no way of getting to the Digital World to save the Digimon. Satsuma then walks in and tells them there is a way. After getting Ikuto's parents they rush to where Ikuto and Falcomon are waiting. After some arguments, Ikuto's parents decide to help the savers and open up the Digital Gate. Minutes after the savers get through, two people, Nanami and Ivan, arrive and go through the gate. Inside the gate, Masaru and co. run into Kouki and soon after, Nanami and Ivan. Annoyed by Kouki's attitude, Masaru punches him and Masaru's DigiSoul appears on his wrist, shocking everyone because the DigiSoul would only appear when Masaru punched a Digimon. Kouki laughs at them and then Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan evolve into Digimon: BioThunderbirmon, BioCoatlmon, and BioStegomon. All the savers Digimon evolve to perfect except Falcomon and attack the BioHybrids. The three Bios quickly overpower the savers perfects and force them to de-evolve back to their child forms. Satsuma and Kudamon arrive in time to hold off the Bios so the savers could escape. Kudamon evolves to his perfect form, Qilinmon. Qilinmon is able to hurt the BioHybrids but the three bios combine their attacks and charge, Qilinmon charges them too and when their attacks collide it causes an explosion. The savers land in the Digital World seconds before the explosion reaches them. The gate closes and the savers are left staring at where the gate closed and worried for their Captain.

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