Episode 28

Original Title: Evolution is Impossible! Digivice Breakdown
Dub Title: N/A

The savers are heading to Jureimon when a Mushroomon runs into the clearing followed by a Gizmon:XT. The savers watch as the Mushroomon is killed and it's life energy absorbed by the Gizmon. Falcomon evolves to Yatagaramon and attacks, but the Gizmon had been modified and the attack doesn't hurt it. More Gizmon appear and Raramon and Gaomon evolve to perfect as Masaru rushes in to punch the Gizmon to get his DigiSoul. The Gizmon beat them all and they de-evolve. As the Gizmon move in a strange sound fills the air causing the Gizmon:XT to stop in their tracks as they search for the sound's location. The sound was coming from a lion Digimon named BanchouLeomon. BanchouLeomon easily destroys all of the Gizamon with his fists alone. Masaru wants to test out his strength against BanchouLeomon but BanchouLeomon refuses, saying that they are not good enough to face him yet since they don't have enough power yet; he then leaves laughing. Ikuto and Falcomon hurry off to a find a secret training ground. The savers find Jureimon who has covered the forest in fog to protect the injured Digimon he saved from the Gizmon. Jureimon knows about Mercurimon's death and he informs them that the Gizmon have already killed a lot of Digimon and that he can hear the screams of poor Digimon from miles away. The Bio Trio appears and Masaru asks where Satsuma is. Kouki laughs, saying that he's dead. The three bios evolve and so do the savers' Digimon. Again the savers perfects are no match, Jureimon uses his branches and roots to create a barrier to protect them. The Bios turn their attention to Jureimon and attack him. Worried about Jureimon the savers scream at the Bios to stop it, their bodies are suddenly coved in DigiSoul and the DigiSoul go to their partner Digimon who rise up and attack. The Bios are defeated and run away. The savers then realize that their digivices had been destroyed by the intense power their Digimon let out.

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