Episode 29

Original Title: Resurrected Digivice. A New Shining Light
Dub Title: N/A

The savers decide that finding Suguru is the only choice they have now, as they begin to head out, Touma tackles Masaru and covers his mouth. The Bio Trio passes below as Touma struggles to hold back Masaru who is being taunted by Kouki who is calling him a coward. After they pass the savers head to Wanderer's Cape. When they arrive the building is gone and in its place is a small building called the DigiSoul Dojo. BanchouLeomon appears and asks them if they know what the DigiSoul is. The three savers are clueless and BanchouLeomon offers to help them. The savers head into the dojo and the partner Digimon start to head in too but BanchouLeomon stops them, saying that they need to wait outside and believe in their partners. Inside the dojo, BanchouLeomon tells them they need to destroy three wooden mannequins. The savers start to leave when the door zaps Touma. BanchouLeomon tells them that their training has already begun and the barrier won't go down until they complete their training. While the savers trail, their partners play games to pass the time when the Bio Trio appears. Agumon and the others refuse to allow the Bios to get to the dojo and are attacked. BioThunderbirmon grabs Agumon and threatens that if Masaru doesn't come out Agumon will die. Masaru is filled with rage and his DigiSoul appears around him, BanchouLeomon asks him what he wishes for and Masaru says that he wishes to save Agumon and the others. The DigiSoul goes back inside Masaru and he begins to glow. BanchouLeomon tells them that the DigiSoul is the power of human emotion. Yoshino and Touma do the same as Masaru and the three begin to glow. Masaru then puts his DigiSoul into his Digivice and it evolves into the Digivice Burst. Yoshino and Touma follow Masaru's lead and do the same. Masaru then releases his DigiSoul, destroying the mannequins and the dojo. He then punches BioThunderbirmon and rushes to Agumon's side. The partners evolve to their Ultimate forms: ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, and Rosemon. The three Ultimates easily overpower the Bios. BanchouLeomon then tells them to head to the Holy Capital.

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