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Street Fighter :: Daimon Masaru Lilac Lullaby :: Fujieda Yoshino
PURE INNOCENT :: Daimon Chika



Street Fighter :: Daimon Masaru Gentle Warrior :: Fujieda Yoshino Blue Truth :: Touma H. Norstein The Indian Digi :: Noguchi Ikuto


Pipe Fox :: Kudamon The Silence :: Gaomon Beauty Blossoms :: Lilamon Digital Enchantress :: Rosemon Spirit of the Plants :: Rosemon Burst Mode Blaze Dragon :: ShineGreymon Burst Mode Digital Defenders :: Royal Knights


Strength of the Heart :: Daimon Masaru and Fujieda Yoshino Aniki :: Daimon Masaru and Agumon Shinjita! it's my soul :: Hirari (2nd Opening) Arch of Light :: Believer (Evolution Theme)

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