Suguru Daimon

Japanese name: Daimon Suguru
English name: N/A
Japanese VA: N/A
English VA: N/A
Digivice: iC
Partner: BanchouLeomon

When Masaru was four Suguru agreed to go on an expedition into the Digital World to rescue Ikuto, a baby that was sucked into the Digital World by accident. The expedition didnít go as planned when they were attacked by hostile Digimon. When the team sought shelter in a cave SaberLeomon attacked them. Kurata used his space time oscillation bomb to open a portal so they could escape. Suguru remained behind in order to hold off SaberLeomon. Suguru fought off SaberLeomon and was then attacked by Mercurimon, one of the Olympian 12. Mercurimon was impressed by Suguru and the two began to talk about Masaru and Ikuto. They then decided that their goal would be to create a world where humans and Digimon could live side by side in peace. Mercurimon then tells Suguru to go to Yggdrasil, the god of the Digital World. Suguru becomes know as the "Messiah" by the Digimon because of his powerful Digisoul that allows him to have the strength of a Digimon. Years later, Masaru and his team are near Yggdrasil when they are attacked by the Royal Knights, the guardians of the Digital World and Yggdrasil. The Royal Knights are then followed by Suguru. Masaru is shocked at first that heís come face to face with his dad after all those years. Masaru holds out his arms, wanting to hug Suguru, all the while asking him why he never tried to contact them and that they were worried about him. Masaru then says that they should go home so they can be a family again. But Suguru slaps Masaruís hand away and says that in order to prevent the inevitable collision of the Human and Digital worlds, the Human World must be annihilated. Masaru, shocked at hearing those words come out of his once compassionate fatherís mouth, falls to his knees. The man Masaru sought to be since he was four had now become Yggdrasil, the god of the Digital World.

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